UBL Affiliate Program

The Unsecured Business Lines Affiliate Programs allows business brokers and others to earn substantial commissions when they refer new clients to our company. We help US-based borrowers with FICO scores of at least 700 to obtain unsecured business credit lines of up to $200,000. We do not require income verification, other financial documentation, collateral, prior operating experience, or even a business plan. Our services are in very high demand in the current economic landscape as it is difficult for many startups to obtain the funding they need to launch and grow. We offer unique lending options that other funding sources cannot.

What about commissions?

Our commission schedule is quite generous. When you drive new clients to us, we want to take care of you. We even pay your commission if you bring us your well-qualified family members or friends. The relationships that we establish with our affiliates are very important to us. We prove that by offering industry-leading commissions.

Who makes the best affiliates?

The best affiliates understand how to drive targeted traffic to our website. If you own a website or blog, we can provide you with advertising tools like banners and customized application links. These contain a special code that tracks all of the visitors you send us back to you to ensure accurate payments.

Who can benefit from the UBL affiliate program?


Franchise & Business Brokers


Do you have clients that are looking to start up a turnkey business or buy into an established franchise? If so, they are going to need a solid source of startup and growth funding. Put them in touch with us and earn a nice commission! We’ll close the deals for you. You collect your commissions.


Fellow Industry Brokers


Maybe you’re a broker who offers other types of financing? That’s great! Send us your well-qualified applicants. We will offer them only what we can that you don’t. If we find that they need something that you do offer, then we will respectfully send them back to you.


Credit Cleaners and CPAs


Nobody knows about your clients’ credit profiles better than you do. Send us your best-qualified clients who are searching for business capital. We’ll reward you with a solid commission when we provide funding for any of them.


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